Saturday, 16 April 2011

Another FOTD

Oh look 3rd FOTD in a row, gosh I am inspiring at the minute, and to be even less inspiring this one is basically just copying Kandee Johnsons wedding make up video. Personally I think Kandee is bit of nut case, but she does gorgeous make up and decided to give this one a go. Oh in case your wondering why I am doing so many FOTD's, basically its payday next week so no money to haul, although I am putting a ban on buying make up for a while as I have to save up for the 3DS, and I have nothing new to review because I use the same stuff for years at a time, so FOTD's it is whilst I have fun experimenting with make up! Enough ramble, FOTD time:

Now for this look I am actually cakes in foundation and went quite heavy on the blush, but it still doesn't show up too much on camera!

Face: YSL Foundation - Opal MAC Moisture Select Concealer - NW20 NARS Bronzer - Laguna NARS Blusher - Desire MAC Cream Colour Base - Pearl

Eyes: MAC Cream Colour Base - Pearl MAC E/S - Dazzlelight MAC E/S - Scene MAC E/S- Carbon MAC E/S - Wedge (for eyebrows) MAC E/L - Feline Dior Mascara - Dior Show Blackout

Lips: MAC L/L - Stone MAC L/L - Subculture MAC L/S - Pink Nouvea MAC L/G - Viva Glam Gaga

So yea lots of make up used. I also strengthened my hair for the first time in ages, it feels a bit weird and not really me, but I feel very pretty today, until I put on my hooters top, then I felt a bit like a porn star, but anyway here is a picture of the complete look with my straight hair:

Can't wait to get the split ends cut off! Hope your all having a great weekend!


  1. This is absolutely stunning! Honestly you look amazing.

  2. pretttty. Cant believe how long ur hair has got, i saw a pic of u on ur old myspace the other day with ur uber short hair with the blonde bit! xx