Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bright Eyes EOTD

Yesterday I went to Inglot again and got some very bright eyeshadows. I don't actually own many bright shadows and felt like experimenting, so here is the eye look I came up with.

This was very out of my comfort zone to wear, but I really liked it when I looked in the mirror and one of the first things my friend said to me when I met up with her is how she loved my eye make up, I am still undecided, what do you think of this look? Is it too much and do I look like a hooker or is it still wearable?
Sorry for the lack of face, but I forgot to pack my foundation so all I did today was my eyes, I couldn't even be bothered to sort out my eyebrows!
Expect a post tomorrow about my experience at Inglot and what I got there.


  1. Your eyelashes are so feathery! This combo really brings out your eye color.

  2. Thank you, I thought that too but was wondering if I was being very vain!