Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Glasses, yay or nay?

So bit of a different post today. For Christmas my nan is paying for me to get a new pair of glasses as I have been wearing the same pair for the last 4 years.

I went glasses shopping with my friend, and she is very into the geek chic glasses and encouraged me to get a pair. I ended up getting this pair, but I am unsure.

It may be that I am not used to glasses this size? I think the square shape suits me, but I am unsure. What are your opinions? And sorry about the reflectiveness of the lenses, they are plastic at the moment, need my optician to put in prescription lenses for me!

Also excuse my face, this is after a day of work with very little make up!


  1. if i were to get glasses theyd be like these. i lurve! x

  2. Love them. They look really good on you. I've had my eye on a pair similar to these for a long time now.