Monday, 6 December 2010

Inglot Haul!

So after going to Illamasqua on Saturday, I decided whilst I was in London I should check out Inglot. For those of you who don't know, Inglot it a Polish make up company that has been around for over 25 years, but we only have one in the UK and it is in the Westfield Shopping Center in London.
Above is the two palettes I got. The top one is from the boyfriends parents to me for Christmas so I can't swatch it, but the bottom one is for me to do more girly looks with. The palettes where £20 each, which for five shadows I think is brilliant. They have different styles of palette, I opted for the magnet style ones that you can stack up but they had your normal on a hinge style palettes that had a mirror in the top.
The palettes are not pre made with the shadows. Inglot have a thing called the Freedom System. Basically you go in the store, they give you a flat metal board and you pick from the hundreds of shadows which ones you want to go in. They have colours ranging from neutrals and pastels to the brightest neons and everything in between. The palettes also come in different sizes and you can get circle pans too. As well as eyeshadow you can fill the palettes with concealer, face powder, lipstick etc.
I only checked out the the eyeshadows, and they where all so good. They where very pigmented and felt buttery on the fingers. Below are some swatches of the lighter eyeshadows I got, please excuse the goosebumps!

I had such a amazing time in London on Saturday, and I would really recommend going to Inglot if you can, a 5 pan square palette with the eyeshadows costs £20, a 10 pan square palette with eyeshadows cost £35 and a circle pan palette costs £32 so great value for money and a brilliant place to go if you don't own any palettes! I think if I ever manage to get to 50 followers I will have to do a giveaway with one of these palettes because they are amazing, but I know how awkward the limited location makes it to try them out.


  1. ooohhh never ever tried this brand! X

  2. plzplzplz take me there when im back in london x