Sunday, 5 December 2010

Illamasqua Haul

So following on from yesterday, after meeting Alex Box I had £30 to redeem and I also had some extra tax money so I picked up a few things in Illamasqua.
I got the eyebrow cake in thunder, the precision ink in abyss, intense lipgloss in petulant and a eyebrow brush and blending brush.
The eyebrow cake looked really good in the demonstration, and I am a bit obsessed with eyebrows. Normally I just use a eyeshadow to fill mine in so I thought why not treat myself to a product designed specifically for the eyebrows. Mika the lovely sales assistant matched me up with a shade, he did one eyebrow for me then gave me the brush to see if I liked how the product applied when I did it myself.
I used the eyebrow brush and fell in love with that too. It is a lot wider then any angled brush I have seen and Mika showed me how its the right width to just turn at the end of the eyebrows to give them a really neat finish. I use angled brushes a lot so I decided whilst I am there I may as well get one.
I also got the blending brush because I only actually have one blending brush, and I think it is a brush that you definitely need more than one of! The Illamasqua one is very soft, a bit softer than my Sigma one, and it is also a little thinner than my sigma one. All my brushes are Sigma so I am quite excited to try some high end brushes.
Last but not least is the intense lipgloss. I got it in the shade petulant, which is a lovely blue pink. I got one of the intense glosses because they are so shiny, they look like glossy paint on the lips as they are very pigmented. Be aware with the glosses though, they look different in the tubes to what they do when swatched so try them out!
I am very happy with what I purchased and got to try it all out before I buy it. I also recommend that you visit a counter if you live near one. The MUA on the counter may look intimidating, but unlike some MAC artists I have come across, the Illamasqua ones are very lovely and want to help you, not show off.

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  1. ooh let me know what the brow cake is like, coz i am also brow obsessed x