Monday, 27 December 2010

MAC brushes

So about a week ago I was having a very bad day, so to cheer myself up I went to MAC and decided to get this brush set:

If I remember rightly it was £40 for the five mini brushes, and it came in a cute tartan bag. The five brushes are:

  • 187, this is the duo fibre brush and I have used it for my foundation a few times and it gives a lovely flawless finish.
  • 168, I have been using this for my blush and I find it blends out very nicely.
  • 252 This packs on colour really well, in fact I have never had a brush that transfers this much colour.
  • 219 A pencil brush which once again transfers a lot of colour. I actually have the sigma version of this brush, and I have to admit the MAC one is slightly better, more colour transfers and although the hairs are just as soft on both, the MAC one is slightly denser so they don't move as much, which is what you need if you are being precise in the crease.
  • And finally the 209, a eyeliner brush. This is the only one I haven't used as to me it looks quite thick. I will give it a go though with my trusty Bobbi Brown gel liner and see if I can get a nice thin line with it.

This is my first experience with MAC brushes. I own a set of Sigma brushes which I have owned for two years and are the only brushes I use. As much as I love my Sigma brushes and think they are good, the MAC ones are slightly better, but then again they are a lot more pricey aswell.

A couple of the Sigma brushes I have are the same ones as the ones in the set, so I can do a proper comparison if anyone is interested, so you can see the difference in the way it applies shadow and how it looks.

I am quite happy with this little set and I think it was a nice way to try out a few MAC brushes for a cheaper price. Does anyone have a brand that they would recommend for brushes? I am really loving my Illamasqua ones too so I think I should branch out.


  1. I was lucky enough to get this set at the fenwicks 20% off night and i lurve them all, espesh the stipling brush. I find the liner one fine for my doing my gel liner, but i do like a medium-thick line xxx

  2. jealous! rach showed me her set, I really want the 187! xx