Saturday, 4 December 2010

Meeting Alex Box

So for those of you who don't know, Alex Box is one of my favourite make up artists ever, so when Illamasqua posted a blog saying how she would be doing a masterclass in the London Selfridges store I knew I had to sign up!
It was £30 for a 2 hour masterclass, but it is redeemable against product which I think is a fabulous price because I wanted to get some bits anyway.
It was a fairly small group, 20 or so women with varied backgrounds in make up. We went to a conference room away from the crowds and took a seat as we watched Alex create a master piece!
She had a model with her, and asked us what we would like to see and decided to do a normal look, but take contouring to the extreme to show us how we can push make up. Rather than trying to teach us make up she was demonstrating how she does it, as she is very into taking the products and being inspired by them instead of laying out set instructions.
She took questions as she was going along and also explained some more technical things about make up and how the eye sees things and why you do what you do with make up. She also talked about make up periods and how to make make up more glamourous or editorial.
After her demonstration she answered questions about make up in general and the brand Illamasqua. I went in not really knowing what to expect, I know some arty people can be stuck up their own arses, so I was very glad Alex was lovely and encouraging as apposed to thinking she is the bees knees (which to me she is).
We then went off in little groups to tables where we had some champagne and got to speak to some of the counter workers. I was in a group with a guy called Mika, who I am a little bit in love with.
After all this we had a little private shopping session in the room the masterclass was in, which is great because it was so packed downstairs in the beauty hall that I probably would've made purchases I regret. I decided I wanted to get a eyebrow cake because I am a little bit obsessed with brows. Mika helped me pick out the right shade, and he also helped me pick out a intense lipgloss as I wanted to try one of them too. In the end I got the ultimate eye liner, a eyebrow cake, intense lipgloss, blending brush and eyebrow brush. I will do a little haul blog tomorrow.
I had a lovely time, and all the staff are real ambassadors of the brand. I would say if they ever run something like this again and you are in the area try and get to it!
I have a few pictures of the demonstration, and a really bad one of me and Alex Box, but I shall include them anyway, enjoy and sorry for a lengthy post!


  1. She's Amazing isn't she?!
    I took sooo many photos, hope the've come out OK.

  2. coool post, wish i couldve gone! lookin uber cute in the bottom pic :) x