Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 2 at London Muse

So today is Monday, the day after, and also my first day of work and the first time I get to try out my NARS sheer glow!
Anyway yesterday was the second and last day of the catwalk trends boot camp. It was taught by Nicci Jackson and we covered using glitter with stencils, manga/geisha, supernatural and ethereal.
It was of the same format, theory in the morning practical in the evening. Nicci used students in the class to demonstrate the looks and she created them from scratch. I think that this course is different ever time it is taught because she did the look to suit the person she was using as the model.
Nicci is very inspiring and I found yesterday to be very exciting and it was my favourite out of the two days. It was a bit more avant garde, and I couldn't wait to come back from lunch and start the practical.
I had a lovely lady do a geisha look on me, which was very full on, and a lot harder to do then you would think, having a white base is a bitch!
We then swapped and I did ethereal make up on her. I don't have any decent quality pictures but hopefully someone will upload some soon so that I can steal them. I used a paler foundation on her and a mix of purple, silver and blue to create a out of this world look.
I also used a Illamsqua blush, that I am lusting after. We used a lot of different brands during the course, including MAC, Illamasqua, Bella Pierre, Dermalogica, Sleek and Chanel. It was nice to use a variety of products as its so easy to get stuck in the MAC rut.
Overall I really loved this course, a lot more so than the London College of Fashion one I did. I feel like it was better value for money and I was a lot more inspired. This course allows for a lot of creativity, where as the LCoF one was more like show and recreate.
I feel like MUSE as a company is amazing as well. They care for their students and will invite you back to events. If you do some of the longer courses as well they post assisting jobs on their facebook page and you can also go in for the day on future courses for free to refresh yourself.
The class size was small and Nicci took the time to learn every ones names which makes everything a bit more personal. All the girls are lovely and most of them, like me had heard of MUSE through Pixiwoo.
I am definently going to do the three week course they offer. Its very pricey but I want to do make up as a career and feel like this would be a great way for me to learn. They also offer a shopping day on the course which has a lot of industry discounts, great for building up your kit. They also offer 0% finance, which is how I think I will pay for the course.
So yea I had a amazing time at MUSE and would definitely recommend them as a make up school and would like to say thank you for making this a great weekend!

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