Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My MAC 15 pan palette

So today I was going to do a FOTD, but after a visit to the beauty hall of House of Fraser, my face kind of got butchered by the women on the Benefit counter, clearly I need You Rebel Lite and not the regular tango one, but anyway....

So instead I am going to do a post on my 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palette. This is my only palette and one of my most prized possessions as I worked hard to save up the money for this. Some of the shadows I had to depot myself, and some I just bought in pan form. I have to mention that I got about 8 of these shadows with a discount after doing a make up course at London College of Fashion which is why I was able to afford so much. Anyway here is my palette (my camera seems to have made the colours appear more green, please excuse this) :

Top Row : Dazzlelight, Honey Lust, Sable, Scene, Twinks

Middle Row : Blanc Type, Wedge, Mulch, Concrete, Sketch

Bottom Row : Brulee, Charcoal Brown, Antiqued, Smut, Carbon

I think my most used are Blanc Type, Brulee, Wedge, Sketch and Carbon. Concrete is another colour I use a lot, but I tend to use it as my eyebrow colour rather than on the eye. I also use Dazzlelight a fair bit as a highlighter, but I have quite a few shimmery highlighters which is why it doesn't get used as much. I also love Sable and Mulch a fair bit, but sometimes find it hard to create a look with them.

I love my palette, it definitely shows I prefer more neutral tones, but I think I have a good variety and I can create a lot of looks from these shadows, albeit neutral ones.

So yea I hope you found this helpful if you was looking into making your own palette or just wanted to have a good nosey as I know I love seeing posts like this. Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. That's a lovely palette - those are my kind of colours too. Coconutsy x

  2. so jelous love all the colours..one day i WILL have my own x