Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Experimental FOTD

So normally I don't wear greens, just because I end up looking like a hooker, but today I fancied having a play around with colour seeing as I am going no where. I quite like how it turned out! Please excuse the wet hair.


Nars sheer glow foundation in Mont Blanc

MAC moisture select concealer NW15

MAC Melba blush

Eyes (MAC unless stated otherwise) :

Green from Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette

Purple from Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette


Blanc Type

White eyeliner

Black gel liner

Concrete for brows

I have staff training later so I shall see how this goes down. Also I have been loving my NARS sheer glow foundation!


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  2. Haha i know what you mean about looking like a hooker,there are so many looks i've seen on other people and when i try them i look like i would get arrested lol.The green looks good on you though it looks fab with your hair colour.

  3. skin looks very nice, may have to get tht foundation. also i know what u mean about the hooker thing, its the same for me and blue x