Saturday, 13 November 2010

What I bought at SpaceNK

Following on from yesterdays post, I did buy a couple of things in SpaceNK so here they are:

I got the blush in Desire, which is a very bright pink, which is flattering on my pale skin.
I also got the eyeshadow duo in melusine. I like the duo a lot, but on second though I probably wouldn't use the silver as much.
When I had my make up done yesterday the MUA used the silver as a highlight for my brow bone so I guess that is what I will be using it most for.
I would do swatches but these are actually going away until Christmas day. My boyfriend gave me the money to buy my own Christmas present and this is what I got, but he still wants to wrap it up and put it away because he is being the Grinch.
I will definitely be going back on pay day and buying fathom because it was a really gorgeous colour that I can see myself wearing everyday. But yea very quick and small haul for you, enjoy!


  1. Oooh gorgeous! I hate it when you get prezzies but have them taken away from you and have to wait like a good girl for christmas day! It brings out the impatient 5 yr old in me!

  2. I know, I don't see why he has to wrap it up, its not like I don't know what they are! The blush is so pretty, and I wish I had the purple e/s for Christmas work party.