Saturday, 23 October 2010

A cheeky steal from my Aunts make up bag

So a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my parents in London. Whilst I was there I was given the chance to interview for a really cool job, the only problem was that my make up bag was in my flat. Thankfully my aunt is a big make up fan as well so she offered to lend me some eye shadows and blush, and my mum is the same shade of foundation as me so I was able to borrow hers.

So anyway I was going through my aunts make up bag and there was some brilliant hidden gems in there. She is about twelve years older than me and tends to not throw anything away. Whilst going through her bag I found some amazing limited edition MAC bits and bobs, and lots of lovely Bobbi Brown things.

I found one eyeshadow that I totally fell in love with, so much so my aunt let me keep it because she doesn't use anything but mineral make up now anyway.

This is a Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eye shadow in Rose Gold. You can still get this colour on the website, but I think this is the old style packaging? Anyway it is such a beautiful colour. It has a similar finish to a MAC frost and is just as pigmented as any MAC shadow I have owned.

Its just very subtle and pretty on the eyes, great for doing a natural or a feminine look.

I feel like I often overlook Bobbi Brown because of my obsession with other brands like MAC and Urban Decay, but Bobbie Brown was one of the first brands I ever tried, and her 10 step programme is a great introduction to make up beginners. I think the reason I tend to overlook this brand is because of the price and because it is known more for being a pioneer or natural beauty, which can be a bit boring.

But it's always great looking through over people make up bags, and this was a lovely find so thank you Auntie for letting me keep it!


  1. It is lovely! I wish more people in my family liked make up, I would have more to borrow haha.