Sunday, 24 October 2010

Good Things Review

So about a month ago I ran out of my normal skin care, but having no income means that I had to hit up boots to get some cheap stuff to see me through. After having a look around I came across a brand that I had never seen before, its called Good Things. The brand is free from SLS, parabens and the products are vegan, which is right up my street! I ended up getting the skin care for oily skin, and it was 2 for £8, saving myself £4 which is a nice little bargain.

After looking at the ingredients I can confirm that it is free from SLS, although it has a ingredient in it that is very similar. The ingredients used are pretty decent too, but the main ingredient in both products is water, but what can you expect for something that is about £4?

The products themselves have worked well. I enjoy using them, except they both have quite a synthetic smell, and the moisturiser feels a bit sticky on my skin.

The main reason I like these products so much is because I feel they have helped control my breakouts slightly, but I am sure that they have helped make the giant pores on my cheeks and nose a little bit smaller, which I have never had a product do.

The mattifying moisturiser is also brilliant because it is mattifying. My skin still feels lovely and soft after using it but without the shine I get from a lot of other products. I have just run my hand over my face and my skin feels a lot smoother.

So I am quite impressed with these products. I will be trying some high end stuff when I start getting an income again, but that's because I am one of these 'grass is always greener' type people, but for the price of these products they are great quality.

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