Sunday, 31 October 2010

October favourites

So today is the last day of October so I thought I would share what products I have been reaching for the most this month.
So first off we have L'Oreal super liner carbon gloss or whatever its called. This is a lovely liquid liner as its so opaque and the black is lovely and glossy. Normally I prefer gel liners to liquid ones but this month I have been reaching for the liquid more, I think because its getting darker outside I want my liner to be more intense? Anyway this is my seond pot of it, so definatly tried and tested!
Next up we have MAC Oh So Fair beauty powder. I only got this halfway through the month but I haven't stopped using it since getting it. Such a pretty colour and it gives you a lovely glow, and the fact that it has a mirror in it is very handy.
I have three eyeshadows that I have found myself using and loving this month, all MAC and they are Concrete, Sketch and Blanc Type.
Concrete for me is the perfect brow colour. It looks pretty dark in the pan but it comes out lovely and soft. I have used it in my heartless FOTD and interview FOTD if you want an idea of how it comes out.
Sketch is a very pretty dark purple, sticking to more autumn colours. I also used this one in my interview FOTD and have been reaching for this colour a lot. Its just a nice alternative to using a black and can either be lovely and sheer or very dark and opaque depending on how you apply it.
Blanc Type is also another one I have been reaching for a lot, it may even be replacing Brulee which is one of my firm favourites! I use this as a matte highlighter.
Next is a little lip combination I have been doing using Subculture lip liner and Hug Me lipstick. This is the perfect interview lip if you need something toned down or suitable for in the office.
Last but not least is Fascinating eye kohl. I have been using this in the inner corner of my eye before using a highlight shadow on top just to really brighten up my eye. Sometimes I use it under my brow bone too. I think everyone should own a white eyeliner, its every bit as much a staple as a black is to me!
So there we have all my favourites for this month, can't wait to hear everyone elses so I have some things to want to purchase!


  1. Lovely, lovely favourites. I really like Brule, I wonder if I ought to try Blanc Type too? I have Subculture and Hug Me and really like them. In fact, I wore a similar combination on Friday (Subculture and Patisserie). Not for the office but I just fancied something more muted with the smoky eye I was wearing.

    I really like the L'Oreal liner too. I find I have to give it a good shake though otherwise it comes out very sheer. The first time it happened I thought it was running out, lol!

    Great post,
    Jane x

  2. Brule and Blanc Type are very similar, but Blanc type is just a little bit lighter, which is great for me because I am very pale. Saying that I can use brule on the lid and as a highlighter, where as I don't think blanc type looks great on the lid.
    Will have to check out Patisserie!

  3. yummy! the lipstick looks yummmmy