Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Venomous Villains Haul

So I know everyone has seen these products a million times over and seen all the swatches so I don't have as much of a problem with putting up my very poor quality picture of the things I got.

I just wanted to share what I got and why as I always like reading these types of post.

So the first things I got where the Heartless lipstick, Wicked Ways lipgloss and Bite of an Apple blush. I got these products on the day that they came out and I am very happy with them.

I am a sucker for any red lipsticks, and despite owning a few, Hearltess is different to the ones I own so I went for it, and of course if I am getting a lipstick I have to get the matching gloss! Its a very pretty cherry red, and both are lovely and pigmented.

I got bite of an apple blush because I don't own many blushes, and this one is really unique so I went for it. Its quite a bright colour and has a lot of red in it, but it gives a really natural flushed look to the skin. I think this is my favourite thing I got in the collection.

I didn't actually intend to get anything else from this collection, but one of my friends got the Oh So Fair beauty powder and is a bit obsessed with purple lipsticks, so spurred on by her I went back to the MAC shop and got oh so fair and Violetta lipstick, both of which I am very happy with.

Oh So Fair can be used all over the face to perk it up, or if applied a bit more concentrated on the cheeks it gives a lovely glow. This compact also has a mirror in it, which I love because it looks really cute when you pull it out of your bag to check your make up (I know this makes me sound really superficial, but I can't help it, I am!).

Violetta is not as strong on the lips as it is in the tube, but its a very lovely colour, and a lot more wearable then I thought it was. I know this is available in the pro store, but I couldn't really resist Disney packaging.

I love everything I got from this collection, and I know a lot of people where disappointed by it and commented on how the products didn't look like the promo pictures, but luckily the ones I have got are a lot like those shown on the site.

A thing to note though is that my picture of the products really doesn't show their true colours. The picture was taken late at night on a iPhone and is the best quality I could get so if you want accurate pictures I probably wouldn't go by mine!


  1. Ha, I was also super pleased that Oh So Fair has a mirror so I can pull it out of my handbag and look cool :D

  2. I know its really sad but the mirror was what sold it to me!

  3. yay that i get a mention :) im wearing purple lipstick as i read this!
    love my oh so fair too, wearing it pretty much daily now x