Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Have a nice blurry picture! At least it shows the colour properly for once... So this is Models Own in Misty Grey, it grey outside so it's only fitting that my nails should be grey.
The formula on this is lovely, it only needs two coats but I always do three coats. I think Models Own nail polishes are over taking Barry M as my cheap and cheerful nail varnish. Barry M may only be £3, but if you buy 5 models own nail varnishes at once they work out to £3.60 each, for a considerably more amount of product then Barry M polishes.
Models Own often have really good discount codes as well. I'm waiting for the next 50% off one to do another haul, but I know if you like their facebook page you can get 10% off which isn't bad either.

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