Saturday, 5 March 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

So a couple of weeks ago Kandee Johnson posted a video about feather hair extensions on YouTube. Personally I'm not a huge Kandee fan, but I did like the look of the feather extensions. I sent the video to my friend and she loved the look of them too so we decided to order a couple and have a girly night in with a bottle of wine and putting in extensions.
I ordered mine from eBay, They arrived in about 9 days and this is how they look:
So I got two different sets of feathers, a few beads and some wire to pull the hair through the bead. The only thing I will say about the eBay shop that I got mine from is that you don't know what colour you are going to get. You can request a certain colour in the comments box but it is no guarantee. The reason we went for this shop is because it was the cheapest ones that we could find, now that I know I like them I will pay out more for the next look.
They where very easy to install, we didn't actually have any pliers so used the blunt part of scissors. I have also washed my hair twice since putting them in and they wash up nicely and take to the same shape my hair is in.
Anyway, here is the pictures of the extensions in:

I am really enjoying these extensions. I'm so fickle with my hair and I love changing it around so this is a fast and relatively cheap way to change it. Its very subtle as well.
The feathers may seem pricey at about £5 each, but they are reusable, and they don't damage your hair, unlike all the other products I put in it!
So what do you think of feather extensions? Will you be trying them out or are they not your cup of tea?


  1. I so wish I could pull these off :(

  2. Feather extentions? Not my cup of tea.

  3. oohh those are pretty! I didn't know you could shower with them too! Can you curl them? I like them a lot but I wouldn't wanna wear them every day =/

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