Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Favourites

Happy new year everyone! So It is time for me to do my favourites from last year. There isn't many skin care ones, just because my skin changed from being oily to dry and dehydrated so I am still searching for something that works for me. Anyway lets get started!
So first up is my favourite eye products. I moved this year and haven't been able to find a person to thread my brows at a decent price so I have taken to plucking them, and for that I need my tweezorman tweezers, not to mention my boyfriend enjoys stealing them too....
Keeping on the eyebrow theme we have my Illamasqua brow cake in Storm. This is a fairly new purchase, but I love it so much and it beats all the other methods I have used for my brows hands down. The colour really suits me and it stays put all day. I also love the Illamasqua eyebrow brush, it is amazing for filling in brows.
This year I have also really been into highlighting the inner corner of my eye and highlighting underneath my brow. My MAC pencil in Fascinating has really helped with inner corner highlighting, and if I want a stark brow highlight then I will also use it there. I couldn't find my Teddy pencil, which is brown, but if I could I would definitely include that for lining my waterline!
Next up is my three favourite eyeshadows, all MAC, Blanc Type, Brule and Wedge. I use these colours constantly and I am glad I finally got a camera that can show the difference between Blanc Type and Brule. I use Brule all over my lid, Blanc Type to highlight and Wedge to blend out my crease.
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is my favourite. It is the easiest to use and it was the product I learned how to do eyeliner with when I was about 14. I have tried other gel liners but always come running back to this one.
Last up is Make Up Forever Smokey Lash mascara. This has been a firm favourite for about 2 years. It lengthens and makes lashes appear fuller and holds a curl amazingly.

Next up is face products. First of all we have Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc. This is my favourite foundation I have ever tried. It doesn't feel like it is clogging my pores and gives me a flawless looking face. The shade also suits me better than MAC shades.
To set it I use MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural. The shade is actually Medium Plus, which is a little darker then I am. My face is a completely different colour to my body though and this helps even out the difference. The product is light and non clogging and makes my face last all day.
My favourite concealer is MAC Moisture Select Cover. I only use concealer for under the eyes and this helps brighten up the area.
Last but not least we have my go to blush. It is MAC Melba. This is one of the first ones I got and I use it when I am unsure what to go for. Its a very flattering shade.

I don't have any favourite lip products as I am very fickle and use a different product most days. I also don't have any favourite body products because I am just using stuff to get it used up. My favourite haircare is definitely Phillip Kingsley. This year my hair has really improved condition, and I think it is due to this shampoo. It finally has a shine again!

So I think that just about covers things. It's not too exciting, but I don't think staples ever are. Lets hope 2011 is more of a skincare year for me!

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  1. lurve this post, ill have to do one of my own x