Tuesday, 4 January 2011

MAC Cham Pale Haul and Swatches

So yesterday I popped by my local MAC counter (I used the VAT increase as an excuse to go) to check out Cham Pale, a collection I have been quite excited for.
The collection itself is full of muted soft colours and a little bit of sparkle, very fitting considering the collection is based on champagne!
I really wanted the quad, but I already had Brule, however I did tell myself I use Brule a lot so if I really love the quad when I see it, its fine to have a back up. Unfortunately the colours are not what I expected so I didn't get the quad. I also didn't get the NW20/NC15 whatever it was pencil. I thought it was a good idea, but when I swatched it I was like nah. Anyway here is what I did get:

So we have the I Get No Kicks Kohl, which is a lovely shimmery flesh colour, which I think I will be using to highlight. The top paint pot is Vintage Selection, which is very shimmery and a light brown colour, the bottom paint pot is Chilled on Ice which is very lovely and will be my replacement for my lost Bare Study, be warned though it is very shimmery. I also got the Rose Ole which is the highlight powder. It is very pretty and is more matte then a MSF so I feel like I could use this for highlighting everyday without having to worry about looking like a disco ball. I don't really understand what the texture pattern thing is about though.
So now for some swatches:
I thought I would try and be helpful by separating the swatches with black lines because the colours are so subtle its hard to see. I don't think it worked though, anyway from left to right we have, I Get No Kicks Kohl, Chilled on Ice pp, Vintage Selection pp, Rose Ole highlight. I'll do another picture without the lines, same order :

These pictures make my arms look fat. I am glad I am going on a diet. But in this picture you can see the shimmer of the paint pots a bit more. They really are gorgeous.
So what did everyone else think of this collection? Did you get anything/will you get anything?


  1. Lovely Haul. I decided to go for a beauty powder from Stylishly Yours at the last imnute istead of the chez chez lame, and I've gone for Chilled on Ice and and Cuvee pain pot xx

  2. ooh i also had my eye on chilled on ice and rose ole...who knows i may go back 2mro :) x

  3. p.s the texture pattern on rose ole is the thing that attracts me lol x

  4. ooh..good haul :) i really like the look of the two paintpots x