Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My first attempt at nail art

So here is my first attempt at nail art. I used O.P.I's Off With Her Red for the red, and for the polka dots I used the Models Own nail art pens.
The black splodges are meant to be bows, inspired by Minnie Mouse, nice and tacky.
I also have lots of nice nail varnish all over my skin, how sexy.
Despite all the spolodgyness of this manicure, I still really like it and I'm proud of myself. Its a little different and it is a really nice talking point.
I am quite impressed with the models own nail art pens, they are a lot easier to use then a lot of other nail art type stuff I have tried.
Hopefully I will get better at this whole nail art shebang and have some better pictures to show you soon. I will also give the Models Own pens more of a whirl and hopefully have a review up soon!
But what do you think about nail art, tacky or creative?


  1. They're great, I really like them.

  2. They are amazing, especially for ur first nail art attempt! That would be a really cute design for Valentine's day too. I'm loving the name of the red OPI nail polish =)