Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Giveaway!

So I always said that I would do a giveaway when I hit 50 followers, but I was a bit busy at work when that happened, so it is more of a new year give away, anyway here is what you can win:

Yay stuff from the Lush Valentines day range! So you will get, It's Raining Men shower gel, the Love Birds soap, Frog Prince and Ex Factor. Unfortunately my local lush didn't have the mushrooms so I couldn't buy one to include.

To enter you have to be a follower of a blog. All you have to do is comment below saying what your favourite cosmetics brand is and why.
You can also get two extra entries by

  1. Tweet about it. Include @cocoalikegnomes somewhere so I can see it
  2. Blog about it or include it in your blog role, link it in your comment below.

The competition will end on the 31st of January and I will ship internationally. Good luck!


  1. Ooh I love the look of these goodies :)

    My favourite cosmetics brand would probably be MAC because they have such a wide range of colours, textures and products & the quality of their eyeshadows especially are amazing! x

  2. Lovely items.
    My favourite cosmetics brand is e.l.f because of the quality of products at such a great price.
    I know some items are hit or miss but mostly the products are very good quality.There brushes are amazing. XX


  3. Congrats. My make up brand is probably Mac. There are probably items I love considerably more that aren't from Mac, but Mac consistantly produces products I love. Of course there are duffs, like most brands, but its also a brand that doesn't quite cross into the extortionate territory. It seems people are quick to distance themselves from Mac these days, as though they are past that now, but when a product by a higher end brand is £15/20 more and does a similar job I can't understand it. Plus their lipsticks nearly always impress.

    Ha! Look what you made me do. Going off to tweet now. Congrats on your 50 followers. You deserve many more!

  4. Added to my blog roll. :) http://justanotherbloggityblog.blogspot.com/

  5. MY favorite cosmetic brand is Orglamix. They have a shop on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/orglamix

    I lvoe them because they have the best quality eye makeups I've EVER used, they are handmade, minerals, free of parabens and all of the other scary stuff they put in makeup. All natural, vegan, awesome makeup. Love them.


  6. (And I forgot to mention how great Orglamix prices are. I've gotten drug-store makeup for the same price. And they usually send out full-sized free samples with orders, and package everything in cute satiny bags...)

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/ellaanachronism/status/24931058986254336

  7. wow, these lush bits look exciting!
    you may have already guessed it...but my fave makeup brand is MAC. this is because of the wide range of colours (especially in lipstick) and the extra special products that i love like soft and gentle MSF :)
    rachy xxx

  8. Folowing on from some lovely LUSH goodies for Xmas I would love to win this!

    Use a variety of brands (e.g. Estee Lauder DW,MAC) but I think MAC are the products that always impress me and make me feel great when I wear them.And now I've discovered the host of great beauty blogs out there (where have I been?!)I think my collection is due to expand considerably!

    Have tweeted about this (@Lou_Heart)too so even if I don't get lucky one of my followers might!


  9. Oooh I'd love to win some Lush! I follow through GFC as Jennifer Leigh.

    MAC is my favorite brand... It was my first higher end brand that I tried and I love their shadows and pigments!

    My email is jensawolverine@gmail.com &I tweeted about this: http://twitter.com/#!/jensawolverine/status/25200212834258944

  10. I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect / Blogger.

    Shiseido is my favorite cosmetics brand - their products really work well with my skin, and I love their Pureness line of skincare. I find that their foundation works well for those of us with olive complexions or yellow undertones.

    I tweeted about your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/BountyHunter338/status/25297657387819008


  11. Oooh lovely giveaway! My fav brand would be Revlon - I love their foundations! I have tweeted your link also (@nicsnotebook) nicolamcc82@gmail.com

  12. My favourite cosmetic brand at the minute is actually lush, as im going through the phase (which i do every year) of trying to not wear much make up.
    So at the moment im loving Ocean Salt, Ultra Bland and Eau Roma Water.
    I could not live without these at the moment.
    I dont think ive found an exfoliator as good as ocean salt to this day.
    Ive linked your giveaway on my page hun :)


  13. My favourite brand is MAC, I've been getting into them more and more through trying different products. They impress me a lot with the quality and the colour/product range. There really is something for everyone and I love the special collections.

  14. Lush is definately my favorite cosmetic company as I don't wear a lot of make up. Enjoying your blog. I learn a lot from it :) IRM is very exciting! I'm probably going to order it at the forum party next week!

  15. Gfc follower here! My favorite cosmetic brand is ChapStick. I love their lipbalm, especially the peppermint flavor!

    tweeted here: http://twitter.com/novice2aica/status/26503735584759808


  16. I love Bourjous. Great giveaway :)

  17. Hi Kelsey!
    Congrats on 50 followers!

    My favorite brand is probably Dior and RBR right now. Chanel is up there too though- pathetic huh?

    Thanks for the entry! x jeanie

  18. My favourite is LUSH. I like to buy products and know that they are ethically sourced and that the company actually care about it's customers.

    Some of the products seem expensive but I usually find that they last longer, have better effect and the scent is more natural.

    Great blog btw :)

  19. Hi there Kelsey!

    Followed you: Justine (Miss Effortless)
    Tweet it here: http://twitter.com/#!/MissEffortless/status/30217435986530304
    Posted on my sidebar as well: www.justinebiance.com

    I am an all-time Lush fanatic, even my last post is about Lush! :) This is a perfect giveaway for me. Because Lush is environment-friendly and creates products that are worth my money! For drugstore brands, I suggest Maybelline/NYX.

    Thanks! I'm excited on Raining Men as I've heard it's a liquid HIWTK soap!

  20. Hi hun, giveaway looks great! My favourite beauty brand is Illamasqua at the moment for makeup, because the colour and quality can't be beathen, and Soap and Glory for body products, as I love the cheeky packaging!

    Ellie x

  21. My favourite cosmetics brand is definitely Mac ( i hate to jump on the mac loving bandwagon, but it is an amazing brand!) - their eyeshadows and lipsticks in particular are of such good quality that i don't mind paying that bit extra. Although for drugstore i'd definitely have to say models own... their nail polishes are spot on!! x