Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lush Valentines Day Products

So now Christmas is over I need something to look foward to, and that comes in the form of valentines day products from Lush! So here are what the are launching this year:

The Ex Factor - A ballistic that smells like butterball. It's meant to be a bit like voodoo, so if you are alone on valentines day you take the ballistic and fizz off his arms. A bit sadistic but a lovely ballistic, was out last year.
The Frog Prince - Another ballistic. Your meant to kiss the red lips before you pop him in. The lips part is actually a bath melt so this is a lovely moisturising product. Scented with rose, rosewood, jasmine and neroli. Watch the frog turn into a prince!
Magic Mushroom - This is a bubble bar that was released last year. The red part smells like strawberry and the white part is vanilla so it makes for a very creamy, sweet bubble bath.
It's Raining Men - This is the product I am most looking foward. It is a shower gel that has the same frangrence as Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which is honey and toffee scented. I think the fact that it has honey in it means that it will proberbly be moisturising too.

Love Birds Soap - Another product that I am excited about. It just looks so beautiful and it smells like vanilla and jasmine, the same fragrence as the old B Never perfume, Keep it Fluffy, Lush also do this scent in a ballistic too.

So there we go, thats all the valentines day products, minus the gifts. Are you excited for any of them?


  1. excited for all of this especially the shower gel which I am going to buy LOADS of :) the frog is cute :) xxx

  2. Do you know when they are coming out with these items?

  3. @Rachy I know I can't wait for the shower gel, and the frog smells lovely

    @Jennifer I'm sorry I dont know when they are coming out. My guess would be aroung the 15th of January.

  4. I hope! That's when I get paid! Haha.

  5. I will definitely be buying the lovebirds soap! Its so pretty and with my favourite scents too! x