Monday, 10 January 2011


So I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I will be telling you the secret to my eyelashes, well that secret is LiLash. For those of you who don't know what LiLash is, it is a eyelash conditioner, which promises to make your lashes grow in about 6 weeks.
You apply it like you would a liquid eyeliner, along the base of the lashes. I tend to do it of a night time after my cleansing and toning, just so I know I am not rubbing it off when I put make up on.
Unfortunately I do not have any before and after pictures, but if you look at any of my FOTD photos you can see the results, I even have people ask me if my lashes are real which I think shows that the products has been working!
I have been using the product since September, and it is still going strong, which is good as it shows that you get a fair bit of product in the tube.
The main issue for me with LiLash is the price. It sells for $139.97, which is about £90, so very pricey. I didn't pay for the product myself, my mum got it for me for my birthday, and I'm not sure that I would spend all that money on this product.
Having said that, I know my mum has re purchased this as she has been using it since the start of 2010. She is blonde and has very fair eyelashes, that are very short and the product has had a lot more effect on her lashes. They have darkened the lash so even if she isn't wearing mascara she actually looks like she has some eyelashes, and they are a lot thicker and darker so I feel if you do have thin short lashes this product will really help, but if you lashes are pretty dark and thick already its not really worth the money.


  1. you didnt tell me about this! Half way through reading i was thinking woah I am so getting this...then I saw the price :( x

    1. Hi Rachy! You may go to this blog ( It may help you find the best eyelash growth product suit to your budget.

  2. Nice stuff! Hmm, i was in thinking of adding this to my list. Love this post.