Thursday, 20 January 2011

My make up storage

So when I was out today I saw something in WHSmith that I fell in love with, and needed an excuse to buy, luckily I decided it would make great make up storage seeing as mine was currently just sprawled all over the table in my kitchen. So here is how my new revamped make up area looks like!
So as you can see it is one of those desk organiser things, but its covered in cupcakes and is very cute! As you can see on top I keep my brushes in a Alice In Wonderland mug, and I have some random eyelash curlers and sharpener on there too.

The drawers go quite far back which is a pleasant surprise. This is the top row, in the first draw I have lip pencils, sticks and glosses. In the middle draw is single eyeshadows, paint pots and my one lonely pigment and in the last draw I have eyeliner, kohls and anything to do with lining, as well as my primer potion which I didn't know where else to stick.

The middle sets of drawers are even deeper and a great size. The first one has my cheek products in it, and the second draw has my face products.

The bottom draw has been reserved for my eyeshadow palettes as it is the biggest.
So what do you think? I love it, and it was half price so not too bad for £9.99! They also had a couple of other designs if anyone was interested.


  1. I've seen this on a couple of other blogs a long time ago, and I keep hanging my nose over them. They don't fit the style of my bedroom though...but I do love cupcakes....argh!

  2. Oh very cute.Would love a closer look at one of these so might pop into town next week and see if they still have them.
    Good price too xx

  3. Haha this is so weird I have a really similar storage thing and it's basically laid out exactly the same!! I will have to do a post xx

  4. I love this, I will have to take a look for one. My makeup box is such a mess at the moment and it is so hard to find anything in it.

  5. Very cute & a brilliant idea :)

  6. is there a link to where i can buy this online?