Monday, 14 February 2011


Considering its Valentines day, I think it is the only acceptable time to do a post about a bed.
So at Christmas I got the most gorgeous bed set from my nan. It wasn't cheap, but when I saw it on my bed at my parents house waiting for me, I couldn't wait to get into it!
Now this post is mainly to show the gorgeous bedding, but it also has a purpose to remind us all that we all need our beauty sleep!
Ideally I like 8 hours sleep a night, I can live on 7, and on my days off if I have been doing 45 hour weeks I have been known to sleep for 10 hours.
We all spend lots of money on skin care, but sleep is just as essential as we all know its when our body repairs itself.
I also love spending quality time with my boyfriend in bed before going to sleep. We always make sure to watch a programme (at the moment community) and have a cuddle before we go to sleep as it is one of the only times of the day where we actually get to see each other.
Anyway, with out further ado, here is the beautiful bedding:

The bedding is from a brand called Pip Studio and can be found in John Lewis or on their website
I hope everyone gets a early night tonight, for sleep or other stuff!


  1. so pretty I'm so jealous, I only have fake Cath Kidston..........a girl can dream!

  2. Oh that's so pretty! My boyfriend has pretty boring tastes when it comes to decor. Everything in his flat is black and white :( Since it's his flat (and he owns it) I can't really change everything but I'm hoping to get a nice bedspread for our wedding that's not black and white!

  3. Preeeety! And keloid of the giant stitch x