Sunday, 6 February 2011

Eve Lom Travel Refill Set Review

So a while ago I had enough Ncentive points to get £10 off at SpaceNK. I also wanted to try out some new skin care products so I went for the Eve Lom Travel set. The travel set comes with a muslin cloth, the TLC Cream, Moisturiser + SPF, Rescue Mask, Cleanser and Hand Cream. The set was £42 full price, which is a fair bit considering its designed to be a travel kit. Having said that I am on about week 6 of using this and I still have a bit of product left, so a little goes a long way. Anyway I am going to review the individual products so you can see what I think of them, so lets get started!

First up we have the Cleanser. As you may be able to see by the picture, it is like a oil based cleanser, but the texture is slightly grainy as well. The cleanser is designed to be used with the muslin cloth, so the grainy texture of the cleanser combined with the scrub of the cloth means that you get quite a bit of exfoliation!
Despite the fact that it is oily, you don't feel like any of it is left behind after on your skin so I think even oily skinned ladies could get away with using this.
Although this is a nice product and my skin was clean, I still got the odd occasional spot, and to be honest this product is pretty average. I was going to give this product 3/5, but then I saw the price tag, which I think is a bit too high for a average cleanser so I am going to give this product 2/5.

Next up we have the TLC Cream. This is a moisturiser that is designed to be used at night.
It is designed for more mature skin to keep it supple and rehydrate, but I think prevention is the best cure so I used it anyway.
The cream is very very thick, and I had to warm it up a little between my fingertips to be able to spread it properly. Despite how thick it is, it's not particularly greasy, and although I had a little shine to my face after applying it, I didn't look like a chip pan which is always good.
The product doesn't have any fragrance, if it does it is too faint for my to pick up. When I wake up the morning after using this product my skin does look quite radiant, and feels lovely and soft.
Whilst this product once again has a very big price tag, I feel like it deserves it a bit more. Still I am only going to give this product 3/5 because I feel like you can get better for cheaper. If you have the spare cash though go for it!

So now we have the Moisturiser + SPF 15. This was my second favourite product from the set.
I used this in the morning, obviously because you don't need a SPF when you are sleeping.
It is slightly fragranced, I would say of lavender, but it isn't offensive and doesn't last on the face.
I love the fact that this moisturiser has a SPF in it because protecting yourself against the sun helps in the long run with avoiding aging. Most foundations these days have SPF in them, but unfortunately the one I use doesn't, and I don't wear foundation every day so its handy to have it in the moisturiser.
I also love how quickly this product sinks in. It also has a matte finish, which I think is important for a day time moisturiser as I don't have to wait around for ages before I can put on my make up. This product gets a well deserves 4/5.

And it is here that my camera decided to run out of battery, plus this post is getting a bit long so I will review the Rescue Mask and Hand Cream tomorrow.
But what are we thinking so far? Have you tried out Eve Lom products before? Worth the price tag?


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  2. hi :)

    I wish i had read more reviews like this, when i got the cleanser, after all the hype, i was sooo disapointed!

    i much much much prefer the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser (and lots cheaper!)