Monday, 7 February 2011

Eve Lom Review Part 2

So lets get straight into it. First up we have the Rescue Mask. This was the only product that I actually disliked. The mask itself was OK, your basic clay mask that you can feel tingle. The thing I had a problem with was that when I was squeezing the mask out of the tube, a lot of water spurted out all over my clothes. The water also looked like sewage which made me feel a bit sick, I don't really want to be putting some separated weird thing on my face so I was turned off the mask from the start.
I also didn't see any beneficial results from the mask. My pores where the same, my skin felt as smooth as normal and I wasn't suddenly radiant. I have used this mask 3 times and just haven't been impressed.
The price tag on this is huge as well, for something that doesn't give the results I am after so I am afraid this only gets 1/5.
The last thing I have to review is the hand cream. I am afraid I don't have a picture for it.
The hand cream was my favourite product by far. I use a lot of water at work and have to constantly scrub at things, that on top of my eczema patches I get around my knuckles means that my hands are often dry, red and very sore.
This hand cream really helped sooth my hands, and a little went a very long way. It also sunk in incredibly fast. It didn't leave my hands shiny looking and I could use the keyboard without leaving finger marks all over it.
The cream smells a bit like Pritt Stick, but my hands are pretty far away from the end of my nose so I don't mind so much.
It is a expensive hand cream, a tube retails for around £20, but its worked better for me then my more expensive Bliss hand cream, and works a lot better then any of the cheaper hand creams I have tried. I think when you have any skin irritation you are willing to pay more though.
This product gets a well deserved 5/5.
So there is my opinion on Eve Lom. Although I enjoyed the moisturisers I won't be repurchasing them. I feel like the grass is greener on the other side.
I want to try the Oilatum cream that Pixiwoo have been raving about, and I also want to try out the Origins Vitazing that seems to be popular right now. Failing that I will just go back to Dermalogica.
Any other skincare brands I should be trying? Anyone had any luck with the brands I have mentioned?


  1. I've been using Philosophy's Hope In a Jar lately. It is quite nice, really thick and sinks in within about 5 minutes. My skin is on the dry side and it makes it nice and soft. For hand cream, I quite like L'Occitane Shea Butter. They have a few different ones too and they smell nice. I also have eczema so would recommend trying out the Shea Butter one. They do a Shea Balm too which might be good on the really dry parts.

  2. The L'Occitane Shea butter sound like it would be pretty good, may have to give it a try, thank you for the recommendation!