Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lush Mothers Day Products

So seeing as the products are on the lush website, I thought I would share with you what Lush are release for Mothers day: Mums Vanilla Fountain Ballistic - £3.60
Mums Space Girl Ballistic - £3.60

Mums Avobath Ballisitc - £3.60 Happy Mothers Day - All three of the mothers day flower ballistics in a vase made of keep it fluffy ballistic. £18.50

Tiny Hands - Solid hand moisturiser £3.95

There is also a couple of new gifts up but I didn't include them in this post. So what do you think, will you be getting anything? I love the look of tiny hands, I'm always out for something to moisturise my hands, but considering the bath bombs aren't in a limited addition scents I think I will be skipping.
The images are from the lush site.


  1. ooh tiny hands looks cute, i want! x

  2. I love the hands. Though they seem a strange choice for a mothers day gift do they not?