Friday, 4 February 2011

Small Peacocky Haul

When I first saw the promo pictures for this collection there was quite a few things I wanted to get. I also wanted at least four of the Kissable Lip colours, but when I saw the price (£16!) I had to rethink what I was going to get. In the end I plumped for two of the Kissable Lip colours, so here is what I got : The colour on top in Enchantee, and the colour on the bottom in Woo Me. Sorry about the shadow over Woo Me, the lighter part is the more accurate colour! I love both of these colours, I was slightly worried about Enchantee because I have so many baby pink colours like this, I felt bad for getting another one, but luckily it is quite different to the ones I own so I feel less guilty now!
Here is a picture of my lips with just some clear lip balm on:
Now with Enchantee:
And Woo Me:

Both colours are very wearable, which I like a lot, when I'm spending £16 on a lip product I want to be able to use it a lot and not have to wait for a special day.
Woo Me is my favourite, its just makes my lips look better then they are. Its a very natural colour and also something very different to what I own. The closest colour I have to this is Hug Me.
As for the Kissable Lip formula, I love it! I really wish I could afford to get the coral colour I was after. These have a slight glossy shine to them, but they have none of the stickiness that you get with lipgloss. There is also none of the hair getting stuck to your lips type thing. They feel like a balm on your lips and do not dry them out like some lipsticks can. They also have the typical MAC vanilla fragrance. I find it slightly stronger in this formula then I do in their lipsticks and gloss.
Overall I am very happy with what I got. I love the formula and I also think the colours I got where good choices. I know that there was only 5 more Woo Me's left at my MAC counter, apparently some stands only got a small shipment so I wouldn't leave it too late if you wanted to get some bits.
I also love the look of the eyeshadows, and when I swatched them they where amazingly pigmented. The only downside to this is the price of the collection. Although I'm sure if I had more money the price wouldn't have stopped me.
Did you get anything from this collection? What do you think of the new formulas?


  1. Lovely colours.You have the perfect lips. I hate mine so much,it's like i have no top lip at all lol
    I would love to live near a mac store as i hate buying online because i find their swatches aren't true to life. XX

  2. Those colours really suit you, good choices. I went for brighter colours and ended up hauling quite a lot. The formula of the eyeshadows is amazing, they should be permanent and from my arm swatches of the lip colours I'm really impressed how they dry down a bit into a lipstick type colour but with a nice sheen but I'm yet to test on my lips. I also thought the scent was stronger in these which is a good job that I love the smell.

  3. these look really good, especially like Enchantee :)

  4. I really like Woo Me, perfect for doing a nude lip :)

  5. @Beautybypaula Thank you, its just a good camera angle though!

    @Jennifer Can't wait to see your haul. I really wish I could've afforded more as the formula on both appear to be really good.

    @Hannah Thank you!

    @Sunshine Roas I love it too! Its like my natural lip colour but better!

  6. woo me sold out online mega quick too! I dont go to mac counter as it never has anything, I just buy online this was on my wishlist but I left it too late. I got 2 of the eyeshadows they are nice enough just not loving the pricing as of late :| x