Tuesday, 1 February 2011

January Favourites

So what with it being the 1st of February, its time for that classic post, my monthly favourites!So first off is my Inglot 10 pan custom palette. I have bee experimenting with bright colours, as you probably know, so this palette is all I need to create loads of different looks. The shadows are pigmented and buttery, and they don't crease either. The only downside to this palette is that you sometimes get a bit of fallout, but more on the palette then on the brush if that makes and sense, but for £35 for a full palette, I'm not going to complain.
Next we have my Illamasqua precision ink. I got this a while ago, but found it quite difficult to use. The tip is a lot harder than the ones I tend to use, in fact it has no give in it so it took me a while to get used to it. Well now I am used to it, and I'm so impressed! Its a lovely rich glossy black and it stays put all day, despite the fact that I rub my eyes a lot.
I have been reaching for my MAC MSF in petticoat a lot recently. It gives me a lovely glow and is a very pretty colour. I can actually get away with using it as a blusher, where as other MSF's can sometimes make me look like a disco ball.
And last but not least, my Illamasqua blending brush. This is probably my most expensive brush, but I do love it. It blends so much better then any of my Sigma ones can, the brush is very soft and it washes so well. Like all other Illamasqua brushes, it is synthetic, meaning that it is completely cruelty free. The only downside to synthetic brushes is that they take slightly longer to dry, but that doesn't bother me!

So that's what I have been loving this month. I can't wait to hopefully see more posts like this one!


  1. Ooo I utterly adore the colours that you have in your Inglot palette - so bright and beautiful! Are they only £35 at Westfield? They were selling them for £41 at IMATS and that was supposidbly with 20% off :/

  2. Gorgeous palette! Some really great colors!

  3. @Emily I'm pretty sure I bought it for £35, and the 5 pan ones are £20. Seems strange though.

    @jennifer Thank you its a lot of fun!

  4. the inglot colours are soo pretty and yay that ur using MSF, the colour of that 1 is prettty x