Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Superstar Product - Foundation

So this weeks superstar product is my beloved foundation, NARS Sheer Glow. My shade is Mont Blanc and I am sadly getting to the end of this bottle, but I will gladly fork out the £29.50 in Space NK to replace it.
But now for the comparison, so here is my face with no make up:
So as you can see in the picture I have some redness across my forehead, and around my nose. I also have a lovely spot scar on my chin and a bit of purple under my eyes. I also have uneven texture and enlarged pores across my cheeks, although you might not be able to tell in this picture.
Now here is the picture with me with my sheer glow on:
So still looking a bit tired, but I think my skin looks a lot more even in texture and colour in this picture. Its done a decent job of covering the scar and the redness around my nose and over my forehead, although I would still use a concealer on these areas. It has also covered my freckles, which regarding on how you see it, can be a positive or a negative.
I got my bottle of sheer glow around October, and use it pretty much daily so I think it has lasted a decent amount of time.
It gives great coverage, I would say around medium but you can definitely build up to full coverage. It also lasts a decent while too, I work 9-11 hour days and make sure I set my foundation and it is still there at the end of the day, well just about.
Despite the amount of coverage it gives it feels really nice on my skin, it is soft to the touch and I don't feel like my skin is being suffocated. It also doesn't have a funny smell, which my last foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid had.
I can't really think of any negatives for this product, maybe the price, it is slightly pricey but then I have no problem paying the price for a product that works so well for me and has lasted a good while.
The only thing I can say with this is that if you do decide to purchase this in Space NK, be careful as the lighting in the first store I went to was poor and I could pretty much tell that the colour she matched me to was wrong, so I asked for a sample and was told that they can't sample foundation due to hygiene reasons (bullshit), so I went online and looked at what colour I thought I would be and when I visited another store they matched me to a colour that I thought I was anyway. Good old artificial lighting!


  1. Your so pretty hun!
    Love your eyelashes!! I wish mine were that long :)

  2. ooh looks lovely and flawless, the covering of freckles does make me sad tho :( x

  3. Looks gorgeous, you have such pretty eyes!

  4. @Leanne Baybee Thank you!

    @Rachy yea you should deff get it, its ok I will be away soon and then when I'm tanned there will be no way to hide the freckles.

    @Jennifer Leigh Thank you :)

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