Saturday, 19 February 2011

Models Own/WAH Nail Art Pen

So I feel like I have used my Models Own/WAH nail art pens enough to give them a decent review.
They retail for £6 each and at the moment the only available colours are black and white, but Models Own intend to introduce the whole of their colour range in these pens.
They are designed to have a pen like top, and also a stripper tool when you unscrew the top. Pretty similar to most other nail art pens on the market to be honest.
I will start with the pen tip. This is my favourite part of the pen. Unlike other nail art pens you don't have to press down on the tip to get the polish out. You just squeeze the pen constantly, and when you are done you replace the pin into the head. This has its good points and its bad points, the good being that you don't have to worry about scraping your base colour off, the bad points being that you have to continually squeeze it which can be a effort, and its very easy to squeeze out too much.
So here we have a picture of the pens with the pins in:
And here is a picture of the pen tips and the pin:
So you see the tip is lovely and fine which is great for drawing fine things easily, but as you can see there is a blog of polish at the end and that is with very little pressure which shows how you can easily waste it or mess up your designs.
Putting the pin back in can also be tricky at times because the pen tip is so fine, and I can imagine this product wouldn't work second time around if you didn't replace the pin.
So next up is the striper part of the tool, which in my eyes is very disappointing. I will show you how mine arrived:

So as you can see, the white one is fine. The brush is a decent length, could be a bit thinner but still is fine for doing stripes, but then we get the black one, and oh it bent. Awesome I can totally do straight lines with a bent brush!
I would've sent it back, but the striper part wasn't what I really wanted it for and I didn't have the patience to wait. It was over Christmas I got these as well so there was a lot of snow and I didn't want the hassle of it getting lost.
I have also had a couple of friends use the striper brush and it all the hair completely fell out, so in my eyes, the striper tool needs a lot of work because at the minute it is useless.

The only other thing I can comment on is the quality of the polish. I really like Models Own nail polish, and these are no exception. The white is lovely and opaque, which you need for nail art really, but both of the polishes are nice and thick but without being drippy or runny and the drying time is decent, so the polish itself gets a thumbs up!

Despite the rubbish stripping tool, I do enjoy using the pen part, but at £6 a pop I'm not sure they are completely worth it when I managed to get a load of brushes for less then that. I guess it makes it less fiddly than brushes and with less to clean up but at least with brushes you can use whatever colours you want.
Has anyone else tried the pens? If you have did you have any issues with the stripper?


  1. I really want these but haven;t found them anywhere! For some reason I don't really want to order them online. I'm awkward ;)

  2. Fab! But I'd worry that any designs I'd try would go drastically wrong.

  3. I hate these pens due to the brush falling apart and the fact that you need to squeeze the pen so hard to get a constant line from the nib which isn't easy with your non dominate hand. I think they are very expensive for what they are.